Pricing Information
Completed Artwork

Original Paintings:
Pricing of paintings available for sale are indicated below each work in the “Gallery of Work” section.  Prices include existing frames and all necessary hardware.  Please revisit the website to view additional works for sale as they become available.  Pick-up of artwork or local (Chicago area) delivery can be arranged. All original paintings in the Civil War, Renaissance, Children of All Ages, and Religion & Spirituality Series can be reproduced as canvas or poster paper prints.

Canvas Prints:
Professionally produced prints on vinyl coated canvas, which have been hand-stretched over a regular art canvas frame, are available in various sizes.  The print has been spray-coated with a clear glaze to simulate the luster of the gloss varnish on the original work.  Prints are mounted in a frame and may include an embossed black brass nameplate upon request.  Paintings also include all necessary hardware and are ready for display.


Current Inventory (Subject to sale without notice.):



The Enemy Within

24" x 36"

$250.00 (Introductory Price)



Forget Me Not

24" x 36"

$250.00 (Introductory Price)




24" x 36"

$250.00 (Introductory Price)


Other available sizes:




24" x 36"

$250.00 (Introductory Price)


24" x 30"

$225.00 (Introductory Price)




22" x 28"

$200.00 (Introductory Price)




18" x 24"

$175.00 (Introductory Price)




16" x 20"

$150.00 (Introductory Price)




11" x 14"

$125.00 (Introductory Price)

Prints on “Acid-Free” Poster Paper:
Includes mounting in acid-free mat and backboard.   Can be framed at additional cost (standard sizes).   Can be shipped by common carrier.


Available sizes:


11" x 14" Print (in 16" x 20" Mat)


Matching 16" x 20" Frame

Starts at $50.00


8" x 10" Print (in 11" x 14" Mat)


Matching 11" x 14" Frame

Starts at $40.00

”Civil War Series” Acid-Free Photo Poster:
Includes smaller prints of all 15 paintings and “Final Thoughts” on the series.  Can be shipped by common carrier.  $5.00
Prints of all Civil War Series paintings are available.  Others can be ordered upon request.  All prices are subject to change without notice—Shipping & Handling is extra (at actual cost).

Custom Artwork

Original Portraits or Family Scenes in acrylic of adults, children, pets, and other subjects can be arranged.   Prices for a Basic Unframed Portrait (Head & Shoulders) with an Abstract Background are:

1 Subject

16" x 20"


There are additional fees for detailed backgrounds, which range from $75.00 to $100.00.  The fee amount depends on the size (i.e. three-quarters to full-length) and detail (i.e. hands, props, etc.)

1 Subject

18" x 24"


2 Subject

18" x 24"


4 or More Subjects

24" x 36" or larger

Starts at $1,200.00

Additional Information

At least two visits with the customer and subject are desirable. Much of the focus of the first session will be a discussion of the type of portrait that is desired, including number of subjects, simple abstract background or detailed background scene, etc.  Discussion of the subject’s favorite activities and interests will allow the artist to gain a psychological portrait of the subject. Any props, clothing or uniforms that are desired to be included in the portrait should be available at this time.  Occasion or purpose prompting the desire to obtain a portrait will also be noted, as well as the anticipated location of the finished portrait.  Notes and some photographs may be taken and a discussion follows over the desired setting, content and any activity the subjects may be engaged in, to be decided by the customer in preparation for the next visit. Pricing will be discussed.

During the second visit, a variety of photographs will be taken, based upon the agreed content and format.  This session may take place at a location that will serve as the background of the portrait.  Several photographs may be utilized to produce the final portrait.  A final price range will be agreed upon and a deposit of approximately 40% will be requested.  Additional visits and photographic sessions may be necessary, depending upon the nature and complexity of the portrait.

Final approval of the completed work may take place at the artist’s studio or at the customer’s home or other location.  Some touch-up or modifications are still possible at this point.  Selection of frame, lighting and installation may be made if desired.  An additional 40% deposit will be requested.  Final touch-up, varnishing and agreed framing, lighting, etc. will be completed.  Final payment is due upon delivery.